Over 20 social networks to market your offers

MarkZoom uses your existing social network accounts and helps you to easily distribute offers to your friends.

We don’t allow spamming, and our smart algorithms won’t let people go beyond the boundaries of a friendly social experience.

Mobile access to MarkZoom offers.

MarkZoom Mobile™ is the perfect on-the-go tool to keep track of your network.

Our location-based technology finds offers and pushes them to your mobile exactly when you need them.

Apple Passbook Integration.

MarkZoom offers you the chance to put your offers and push them to your customers through Apple Passbook.

Going from an ‘Idea’, to a marketable
voucher on your networks, to an Apple
Passbook’s compatible card could take
as little as two hours.

Intelligent dashboard.

MarkZoom features a unique dashboard to access all the data you need to track your spread on the internet.

By using our own tracking technology, you will always be aware of where your offers are and how are they behaving in the social networks.

MarkZoom offers you this unique chance to be a test driver.

Get early access to our full service by just signing up below.

Be part of the most revolutionary way to market ideas, services and products. Be them yours or somebody else's.


As a customer, you’re always right. Now it’s your turn to be on the other side. And do it right.


Join the test drive of MarkZoom

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